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Michelle and Rob welcome you to:

Lot 45/85 Mahaffey Road - Howard Springs NT

Phone: (08) 8983 1431  |  Fax: (08) 8983 3381 

D O G S   A T    P U R R S    A N D     P A W S    R E S O R T

All kennel blocks are  under insulated roof facing large grassed exercise yards.  All  kennels are at least 5m long by 2m wide.  Hammock beds. Double kennels available. 

Each kennel block is equipped with lights, fans, music and television (appreciated by dogs used to a homely atmosphere).

Personal comfort blanket, toys or bedding welcomed. Grooming arrangements available.



All dogs individually exercised several times throughout day.  Each morning all kennels are cleaned and disinfected and drinking water changed.

At Purrs and Paws we pay particular attention to the health and well-being of your animals. We try to stick close to the B.A.R.F. Diet, which stands for bones and raw food. We use nothing with preservatives or colour added, and keep diets as natural as possible.

We use preservative-free dry biscuits, mixed with rice, veggies, raw beef or chicken mince, pasta, rolled oats, mackerel in oil, spinach, and free-range eggs which are provided by our “girls” down the back. These ingredients are mixed together thoroughly and served with a meaty bone on top.

We find the dogs love this combination, and look happy and healthy when it is time for them to head back to their own homes



Medications administered (owner provided).  Veterinarian on call. Dogs entering kennels must have a current C5 vaccination.




  • Small - medium dogs.
    Eg. Up to and including Beagle, Blue Heeler sized dogs,
    $20 per day per dog. (Inclusive of GST)

  • Large dogs.
    Eg. Labrador, Doberman, Mastiff, etc.
    $25 per day per dog.

  • Please note that during our peak season, eg, School Holidays, Easter and the very demanding Christmas period, our rates increase by $5.00 per day per dog.

These prices are all inclusive, eg. Food, bedding, exercise, toys, treats and relaxing music


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Purrs and Paws NT - Darwin Premier Kennels Boarding

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